Get to Know Your VSWGA

Rhonda Colvard

Tournament Procedures

My turn has arrived.  

     I can't believe that I am actually having to write a bio for anything golf related as 25 years ago I thought golf was akin to watching grass grow.  How life changes!  I grew up in Plattsburgh, N.Y, actually on Cumberland Head, a tomboy (I say athlete) playing whatever sport I could.  Softball in the summer, field hockey, volleyball, basketball (which I was really bad at), & softball during the school year.  I started tennis at age 17 and became hooked on that.  I have played competitive tennis thru the USTA for years and my fellow tennis team members were not happy when I started getting serious about golf.  I still play on 2 tennis teams but have to work it around my golf schedule.  I am also an avid Platform Tennis player which helps to make the winter bearable in Vermont.  

     I started playing golf when my 3 children were very young so it was a few years before I could actually devote much time to it.  Now those children are adults, ages 27, 24, & 22 and think that all I do is play golf.  I admit it has become a big part of my life.  This year I am the women's chair at the Burlington Country Club in addition to taking on the job of State Tournament Chair, with big shoes to fill following Kathy Allbright.  

      Up until 3 years ago when I sold my home, I lived in South Hero and ran a Bed & Breakfast out of my house, mostly during the summers. I was lucky enough to be able to stay home with my children and was practically a full time volunteer at their school.  I have enjoyed watching them grow up into wonderful individuals and especially loved attending all their athletic endeavors.  Now I live in South Burlington and am a total empty nester (no husband either),  which I one of the reasons I have lots of time to play golf. 

      For me, golf is one probably the toughest game I have ever played, which is probably what keeps me interested. That and the wonderful friendships that come out of this game.  I cannot think of another game that can be played with all levels of ability, for an entire afternoon, where everyone can have a great time outdoors in a beautiful place like Vermont, and a wager can be made that is fair to everyone.  Life does not get any better than that.

      When I am not playing golf or tennis, I spend my time traveling, cooking, (I make a really mean molasses cookie), taking pictures, knitting, learning to play bridge, cribbage league, and anything else that I think might be fun. 

     I'm looking forward to meeting more of you in the future and happy golfing!