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In 1996 the Board of Directors established a category of Honorary Membership in the

VSWGA. In 2016, the category was renamed Handicap Waiver. Any golfer whose

handicap index has gone above 36.0 and who has been, and is currently, an active

participant, and has been a member of the VSWGA in good standing for several

years, is eligible to be nominated to receive a Handicap Waiver. If a player knows her

handicap will be above 36.0 at the start of the State Day season, she must ask her Club

Representative to recommend her for a Handicap Waiver. The Club Rep must submit

an email or written letter to the VSWGA Board of Directors with reasons why the

waiver should be granted. At its Fall meeting on the second Tuesday of October, the

Board will evaluate the request, make a decision, and notify the player. Those players

granted a Handicap Waiver will play VSWGA State Day tournaments at their full

USGA index (no longer capped at 36.0) and course handicap. They will be removed

from the list if they have not been active in the previous two years or if their handicap

index drops below 36.0.

Handicap Waived Players