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VSWGA Fall Board Meeting Minutes



Meeting:         Fall Board Meeting
     Tuesday, October, 20, 2009
              Lake Morey Inn 

Attended by:   Tracy Sloan, Phyllis Simon, Kathy Sikora, Deb Warner, Nancy Myers, Judith Manley, Jeanne Morrissey, Sarah Lee, Ellen Sheffer, Harriet Parot, Kathy Allbright, Elizabeth Walker, Jeanne DiBattisto, and Krissie Lohrman. 

Absent:            Carolyn Barbieri and Cindy Paquet 

Recorded by:            Kathy Sikora

 President Tracy Sloan called the meeting to order. 

Election of Officers

 President:                   Tracy Sloan   

 Vice President:            Phyllis Simon   

 Treasurer:                   Deb Warner 

 Secretary:                   Kathy Sikora  


Administrative Office

It was decided that the actual taking of minutes and transcribing them to a permanent document would be done by the administrative assistant. The minutes would be proofread by the secretary and vice president. 

Jeanne Morrissey proposed that the office of the VSWGA be contracted to an assistant pro at a golf club. This person could run all aspects of state days and tournaments, and the office. This proposal could also give the VSWGA permanent office space at a club. It was decided that this may be something that could be looked at in the future. 

A discussion was held regarding the job of the VSWGA office. There are 1000 hours budgeted for the year. The hours during the golf season vary from 20-40. There was discussion about splitting the job between an office person and a tournament person. The USGA wants our office to be in an "office" building. The position is contracted on a yearly basis. We should have more than one person familiar with running the Chelsea system in case of an emergency. This should be a year that money will be spent on training people to do more than one job. An Office Review Committee has been established to look into these different issues. The committee consists of Harriet Parot, Tracy Sloan, Deb Warner, Kathy Albright, and Jeanne Morrissey. 

The board voted to give a bonus to Krissie Lohrman for all the fine work she did this year and rehired her for the 2010 season.  Krissie was paid at a lower rate than Suzanne was and the bonus is a way to make the pay rate more appropriate for the work performed. Additionally, the work was completed using one person instead of two.

Financial Report

The 2009 budget was reviewed. There was less income from GHIN due to fewer golfers. The participation fee income was also less because there were fewer members. 

In the proposed 2010 budget the main changes are:

·      We will not give $1000 to Libby Smith.

·      We will give $.60 per GHIN member to Golf Industry to lobby on behalf of VT golf.

·      We will give $2000 to NEWGA, which will be held at Green Mountain National, because the host state has the responsibility for breakfast and lodging for people working the tournament.

·      There will be expenses involved with the 80th anniversary celebration of the VSWGA next summer.

·      Computer costs will increase with the 2011 budget, because we will need to buy a new computer. 

State Days

State days will begin May 11, 2010 and end Sept 21, 2010.  Nine hole courses will only play against other 9 hole courses. There will not be a state day on July 5th. This is during the NEWGA tournament and we anticipate that VSWGA members will go to Green Mountain to work and support the Vermont team. 

The clubs without a rep are Killington, Manchester, and Richford. Phyllis Simon will continue to be the rep at Jay Peak. 

Rhonda Colvard is chair of the committee to review the state day divisions.  The two proposals are:

1) To keep things as they are with divisions based on handicaps.

2) Change to divisions based on the number of participants.  

The state day book will be mailed out in March. 

Cynthia Borck from Stowe CC is the new State Day Chair for the 2010 season. 

Major tournaments

There were 4 requests for refunds from major tournaments which were denied. The board decided to add the wording “no exceptions” to all major tournament applications. 

 The Major tournament selection committee will consist of Kathy Allbright, Sarah Lee, Kathy Sikora, Ellen Sheffer, and Jeanne Morrissey. We now have clubs requesting to host a tournament. 

The final state day will be held again at Woodstock/Quechee. They are able to accommodate both the golf and the lunch and the location is central to those from the north and the south.  Liz Walker suggested that the computer match the players for the final state day by handicap instead of players choosing their teammates.   


Kathy Allbright and Ellen Sheffer will be the new Rules Co-Chairs. Deb Warner and Harriet Parot will attend a 4 day rules seminar in Far Hills, New Jersey. It would be nice to have rules rovers at major tournaments. 

Suzanne Neville will continue working with the First Tee programs and the VGA scholarship. 

Course Ratings

Ten courses were rated this year.  The chair would like have a schedule for rating courses so that we will only have, at most, 6 to do per year. 

80th Anniversary

Different ideas were discussed that could be done commemorating the VSWGA’s 80th anniversary, including a special tournament and mementos that can be purchased and given to players at various events or purchased and sold to players. Sarah Lee, Kathy Sikora, Nancy Myers, Phyllis Simon, and Jeanne Morrissey are on the committee. 

New Business

Kathy Allbright discussed how the payoff will be done from now on at major tournaments; top 10 Gross winners will be first, followed by top 10 Net winners. If you qualify for first net and also for a gross prize, you will receive the gross prize. She also discussed other tournament procedures.


Meeting adjourned at 2:45PM 

Submitted by Kathy Sikora 

Next Meeting: Lake Morey, May 4, 2010, 10:00 a.m. 

Minutes completed November 23, 2009


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