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VSWGA State Days are weekly competitive one-day eighteen hole stroke-play golf tournaments.  For 2017, we have 54 state day tournaments scheduled beginning May 2nd.  Each week we aim to host a tournament in each of the North, Central, and South regions of the state.  We end our state day season with our Fall Awards tournament and banquet on September 26th.

The entry fee for all 18 hole courses is $28 and $23 for 9-hole courses.  Cart price and requirement will vary by course.

Players register for a state day by requesting a tee time using TPP Online.

Participants receive Award Points toward winning the Janet Lang Trophy.  Clubs compete for the Mae Murray Jones Cup in three divisions.  See Awards and Prizes for more information on state day points and awards.

State Days

Liz Swim, Cheryl Hoar, Maryann Athanas, and Kathy Kemp

At an Okemo state day several years ago.