VSWGA Office - PO Box 1001, Bradford, VT 05033- info@vswga.org

Eligibility: All players must pay the annual VSWGA Membership Fee. Online entrants must pay for membership online prior to tournament registration. For mailed applicants, please include Membership fee with mailed entry. Juniors participating in the NEWGA or State Amateur Championship are exempt from the Membership fee. A valid USGA GHIN handicap card is required for all players.

Entrant must be a resident of the state of Vermont, must have resided in Vermont for a minimum of six months immediately preceding the tournament, and must belong and be in good standing at a VSWGA member golf course. OR

Entrant must have held a golfing membership in a Vermont State Member Golf Course for three consecutive years immediately preceding the tournament. OR

Legal Vermont residents residing in Vermont for a minimum of six months immediately preceding the tournament and not belonging to a real estate club are eligible to play with an increased entry fee. OR

Members of the VSWGA and a Vermont real estate club who have not lived in Vermont for the previous 6 months may submit the tournament application and letter for the tournament for consideration to be reviewed by the Board on a case by case basis. The application would be based on the first deadline and acceptance would be based on the field size.

Field Size: Vermont State Championship fields will be limited to 100 applicants with the lowest USGA indices up to 36.0. For the Mid-Amateur Championship, the priority of the field will be the Mid-Amateur age group (35-54), followed by the Seniors’ age group (55 and up).

Handicap Limit: Handicap Waived members whose handicap index is above 36.0 may participate and will play at a handicap index of 36.0.

Format: All tournaments are stroke play championships.

Awards: Prizes and Universal Certificates will be awarded based on the number f players in the tournament. All certificates expire on September 30 of the following year.

Tee Times and Lodging Information: All tournament tee times and lodging will be posted on the VSWGA website at www.vswga.org.

Refund Policy: There are no refunds past the designated “No Refund” date for each tournament. Applicants withdrawing after the no refund date may submit a request for a refund, in writing, to the VSWGA. All requests are reviewed at the Fall

Executive Board Meeting in October. Note: An administrative charge may be applied to all postdated refund requests.

Practice Rounds: Available dates for practice rounds are at the discretion of the golf course. Carts may be required for practice rounds.

Details Subject to Change: All information is current at the time of printing. Details are subject to change and will be posted on the VSWGA website if needed.

Registration/Check-In: Registration/Check-in at all tournaments will be in the afternoon 1 day prior and in the morning until 1 hour before the last tee time on the first day. Registration information will be available on www.vswga.org and emailed to registered players.

Caddies: No golf professional is allowed to caddy for any competitor. No family members are allowed to caddy for a Junior player.

Distance Measuring Devices: Distance measuring devices may be used during the competitions, as long as players do not access features that indicate elevation or wind speed.

Juniors: A junior is any girl who is a resident of the state of Vermont or meets the previously listed eligibility requirements and has not reached her 19th birthday by the opening day of the tournament. A junior of 18 years of age is eligible only if she

has not yet begun her first semester of college. A junior does not have to be a member of a VSWGA member club if she is a resident of the state of Vermont. Parents and guardians are not allowed to caddy for Juniors.

VSWGA Major Championship General Information